We understand not everyone wants to use social media, and we want to include those people in the support we pride ourselves on providing.

Telegram is very similar to other messaging apps, particularly WhatsApp. Still, it allows for privacy in group chats (unlike other messaging apps) because you can hide your number, preventing unsolicited contact from people outside the group. In addition, this app is available on IOS, Android, and via a web browser. It is simple to install, and there is no complicated onboarding process.

Telegram for general questions, peer support and the relaying of helpful information. If there is a clinical question related directly to a patient under our care at NAC, we ask that those questions be directed to official channels such as email or telephone. 

More information can be found about Telegram and how to download via

If you want to join us, install the app and send a message to @lauren_NAC or @Graham_NAC, and we will add you to the relevant group.