Patient Polls – ABPA

Question: What aspect(s) of your current quality of life are you most concerned about & would like to improve the most?
(ABPA, 104 voters).

October 6th 2021

It is clear that most people with Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA) have many issues that they are concerned about and we can assume that most people who voted or suggested an option have experienced the issue that they are highlighting.

They have three main health issues in common: fatigue, breathlessness & coughing. These are symptoms commonly associated with ABPA along with excessive mucous in airways, bleeding from the airways, fever, weight loss and night sweats Notably several of these were not mentioned in the poll here, which might mean our patients do not have them, or may mean that we did not ask all the right questions in this poll. We will repeat this poll to remedy this, having learned a lot!

Of those issues that were mentioned, most would be expected to crop up due to either the disease itself or side effects of the medications currently used to treat ABPA (2021), but it is the prominance given to each by patients that may be surprising.

Poor fitness, weight gain, emotional health, anxiety and pain are problems we can offer some advice around, and we will address these shortly.