Patients meeting April 2018
By GAtherton
April 2018Rachel Orritt Diet and health.
Chris Harris Hosts a discussion on how inpatients can let is know if they are admitted to any hospital for non-fungal issues
Graham Atherton Food choices for future meetings (March, July, November only)
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Unfortunately the audio-visual facilities let us down in this meeting and we could not project slides for our speakers, so some had to quickly resort to using paper flip charts!

We also have a major technical difficulty when trying to stream this meeting out onto the internet as the service we have used for many years had been withdrawn without warning, so we were unable to broadcast this meeting live. 

Despite all of our difficulties Rachel Orritt gave us a very detailed talk on what range of foods are healthiest for us to eat and why. 

Chris Harris raised a very important issue that had come to the attention of our clinical staff whereby we are often unaware if one of our patients attends a hospital for treatment unless they (the patient) tells us. This also applies to those people admitted to Wythenshawe hospital where we are based in Manchester! David Denning asked us to discuss these issues with our group in an attempt to come up with a workable solution.

Resources mentioned:

NHS Food and Diet advice for healthy living