Serena Wells
By GAtherton

I was diagnosed back in 2006 with Invasive Aspergillosis in both the upper lobes of my lungs. I have been on and off several different Anti-Fungal’s over the last 4 years.

I am currently on Noxafil after my doctor’s consulted with Dr, Denning, after a very scary time in December when I was coughing up cups of blood. I had 5 arteries plugged in my lungs to stop the bleeding. I have done very well with this medication and it beats the IV medication Caspofungin I was on for almost three years.

Thanks to Dr. Denning for his expertise in the field without it and the kindness he has shown we were not sure what medication to try next and for how long. I have a great respect for all the doctor’s that have helped in my care over the last few years as they are very caring and concerned doctor’s with compassion many seek.

I feel blessed to of been living in Vermont when I was diagnosed and found a great team of doctor’s to care for me and help my family through all the trying times.

Thanks to everyone on this group and ours for all the support you have shown.

Stay Strong

Aspergillosis Patients Support Group

Aspergillus Association of America

I am the Founder/Executive Director of the Aspergillus Association Of America. We are a non-profit organization located in Vermont,USA. We recently celebrated our 1st Anniversary back in June 2010. Thank you to all that have supported our organization during this time.

We give many thanks to Graham and the team in the UK for all of their wonderful support they have given to the thousands of people who suffer from all forms of Aspergillosis. Without their support and knowledge we would all be feeling very alone.

Thanks to all of you who have shown support to all that have joined and helped to make someones day brighter and given them hope in their times of need. We all need each other.

Stay Strong
Serena Wells