Roberta Bentley
By GAtherton

I was 10 yrs of age with asthma, not as bad as my brother, but parents sent me to asthma clinic in switzerland. our clothes kept in damp cellar. came home after 6 weeks,having lost 2 stone (28 lbs). mum took me to gp who said “dont fuss”.

Mum then took me to middlesex hospital where they kept me for 4 months in children’s section. they said it wasn’t pneumonia, wasn’t TB, it was UNKNOWN disease, this in 1953. Gradually worse, when i was 24 taken to brompton hospital in london where they diagnosed aspergillosis. now known as ABPA. Still with Brompton, although my prof did not tell me about Itracanozole, but a dr in usa said I wasnt treated well at Brompton, i should be on itra. When i asked my gp, she laughed, “you dont need it”. found out she is in charge of money at surgery, but asked the Brompton, luckily the new head of dept put me on it 11 years ago.

My regime every day, is pd, postural drainage, as suggested 40 years ago at Brompton. Without pd I would be unable to breathe. I also for 21 years go to a gym 3 or 4 times week.

Roberta (Bentley)December 2011