Kimberley Wendzel
By GAtherton

July 16, 2013

Hi I am Kimberly and here is my journey which has just began. Please help me with whatever experience you have because I only know what I have read.

In January during my annual check-up my blood work showed that I had hypothyroidism, which ment that my thyroid was not working. I was put on medication syntheroid 50 and was to return for blood tests in 2 months. During my next visit, April, my blood work showed that my tsh levels were normal but I still felt very bad. My doctor upped my synthroid to 75 at that time. Some months ago I began having shortness of breath and vision trouble I also was breathless at work so I quit my morning job because I would be out of breath for hours and couldn’t lift people anymore I thought this was due to my thyroid.

At my appointment in the beginning of June I told my provider that I was out of breath and dehydrated, she said that things were looking good and to give the medication some time and symptoms should subside, I quit drinking pop, to drink only water, kool-aid and juice. This did not help at all and I got what I thought was thrush on my tongue, so I went back in to my provider I also told her that I was breathless.

She thought that my medications weren’t reacting well together and so I was to wean off of my celexa, an antidepressant she also cultured my tongue and did not think I had thrush.

The nurse called after about a week stating that I did not have thrush I thought that was the end of things believing that when I was off of the celexa the symptoms would go away. So my provider called last Thursday and said that I have mold on my tongue and that this was found when the culture was allowed to grow a bit more.

I went to the pharmacy to get the prescription for the vfend and found that I couldn’t afford it in this lifetime. So I started looking on line for alternatives, they are all expensive too.

We are applying to Pfizer for assistance. I have learned that I probably contracted this aspergillosis when my kitchen flooded and the floors needed to be replaced the basement flooded also and everything was tore out, then huge fans were in the home to dry up the water. So yesterday I had and xray of my lungs because I want to know where this mold has set up camp in my body but the radiologist didn’t see it.

I go in tomarrow for an appointment hopefully we will know where to go from here. I feel very ill.