World Aspergillosis Day 2021
By GAtherton

World Aspergillosis Day (Feb 1st every year) progresses every year and this year was no exception.

Social Media

We are only partway through the social media activity so this number will rise but as of the end of the day on 1st Feb the #WorldAspergillosisDay hashtag was shared 4.9k times & achieved an incredible reach of 806.6k – so up to that point over 800 000 people had seen content tagged with #WorldAspergillosisDay.

Medical Mycology involvement

Medical doctors are probably one of the most important groups we need to reach to be able to influence awareness of aspergillosis and to #ThinkFungus. We are extremely impressed that Medical Mycology groups in France, Brazil, Vietnam and Ghana held highly informative meetings on aspergillosis attended by hundreds of people, all in support of World Aspergillosis Day. Doctors and scientists from 4 different continents of the world have learned about aspergillosis, when to look for it, how to look for it, how to treat it. This is a step-change in awareness worldwide.

Medical Mycology Researchers 2021

Medical Mycology Researchers 2021

In the UK a major Wellcome Trust funded group met on World Aspergillosis Day on Zoom to discuss future aspergillosis research projects,

Patient Involvement

The National Aspergillosis Centre patients groups staged a session entitled ‘Shortening the Patients Journey’ designed to draw out and identify those aspects of the patient’s journey undergone before they were diagnosed with aspergillosis. For some it was relatively quick – only a year or two in one case, but for most, it is a long journey with an ill-defined start, a series of stages in the dark with many twists and turns before they finally reach the end and are treated for aspergillosis, usually with very positive results that improve patient quality of life, sometimes markedly.

AT Supporters

AT Supporters

The Aspergillosis Trust, a patients advocate group generated lots of interest too, with supporters tweeting from all over the world.

The National Aspergillosis Centre CARES team devised a memorable contribution to make the day for their creative patients and carers – Aspergillusocks!



Pharmaceutical Industry Educational Involvement

Pfizer, who manufacture voriconazole can up with this informative graphic to mark World Aspergillosis Day.

Pfizer Educational - Aspergillosis