Soup’s On! by Del Maximo
By GAtherton

ingredients were chopped
cleanly, neatly
with care
cutting tools were pre-sterilized
and pre-packaged
then wiped clean after use
he arrived in blue scrubs
and donned blue nitrile gloves
for mutual protection
it had been a while for her
her nails were long
she sat in an easy chair
with her feet up on an ottoman
a towel was spread before he began
to make clean up easier
the scent of an alcohol wipe
wafted as he worked
little did he know
we would finish what he started
after he left we gathered up the clippings
thick and fungal
we put them in a pot to boil
with sautéed celery, onions and seasonings
salt and pepper to taste
hmmmmm…delicious, home made
toe nail soup!

Originally from Hellopoetry