NAC Physio Mairead runs the Manchester Marathon for the Fungal Infection Trust
By GAtherton
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One of our specialist physiotherapists Mairead Hughes ran the Manchester Marathon last Sunday in support of the Fungal Infection Trust (FIT). The Fungal Infection trust supports the National Aspergillosis Centre in many ways – not least providing support so that we can run our patient support websites and these Facebook support groups that mean so much to thousands of patients and carers across the NHS and the world beyond.
As it turned out Mairead’s support was also called into action as 21 miles into her run she stopped to give medical assistance to a fellow runner. The delay cost her 45 minutes on her final time which was just over 6 hours – still an amazing effort I am sure you will agree.
We are all proud of you Mairead and maybe on day you will break that 6 hour mark?
If anyone would like to donate to Mairead’s fundraising fr the Fungal Infection Trust please go to
Many Thanks