My Foot Fungus
By GAtherton

Author unknown

I’m growing fungus on my feet.
To tell the truth, it’s kinda neat.
I grew it for my science class.
It’s got so big, I’m bound to pass.

But it’s not easy growing mold.
You must keep it dark and from the cold.
Put your socks on when they’re wet,
And feed your fungus lots of sweat

It’s been a month since I last showered,
And because of this, it’s truly flowered.
It’s amazing just how fast it grows.
You’ve never seen such fuzzy toes!

It has the most delightful hue.
It’s sorta green and sorta blue.
But there are drawbacks to its fungal riches.
You won’t believe how much it itches.
And the smell is gross, I have to say.
But it’s worth it all to get an “A”.