In Appreciation of the Carer
By GAtherton

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We are so often ill, our breath coming in gasps,
We fear for ourselves, plead for mercy,
Those breaths we take fight us with wheeze and rasp,
Our plight is hard; our mood is hard and bitchy.

But wait a moment; pause a minute, look around, do you see?
Those that love us, care for us, nurse us and stay by our side,
Those loved ones, siblings, partners or spouse, standing closely,
Holding our hand, mopping a brow, hiding how they cried.

So while we suffer, puff and pant, do not grumble, do not rant,
There is strength beside us, a hand to support, an ear to listen,
Our loved ones who watch us suffer without showing a tear,
Our life is hard, full of despair, but do we see the eye that glistens?

My wife is my rock, my oxygen mask, my faithful nurse,
I am lucky, I’m not alone, I have someone who cares,
Suffer we do, often it’s true, but don’t moan, don’t curse,
One of us is ill but both feel the pain, the suffering we share.

Friend or family, brother or son, husband or wife,
We all must remember those who hide their tear, hide their pain,
They sacrifice their hearts, to accompany us in our plight,
So keep in your hearts a smile, for those who love us, with nothing to gain.

Chip Chapman, August 2014