Aspergillosis Weekly Support Meeting
By GAtherton

Image of a silver computer with a virtual meeting taking place. There are a number of people on the computer screen, and a mug to the left of the image.

Aspergillosis Patient and Carers Meeting

Here at the National Aspergillosis Centre, we understand how difficult it is living with a rare disease. Add in a global pandemic, increased social isolation and the fear of contracting Covid-19, and you have a perfect recipe for anxiety, stress and loneliness.

That is one reason why every Thursday at 10am (UTC) we run virtual support meetings via Zoom. They are free, everyone is welcome, and it is a fantastic opportunity to chat with other patients, carers and NAC staff.

Peer support is an invaluable tool when you are diagnosed with a rare disease like aspergillosis. It can help you realise you are not alone and provides an understanding environment to express feelings and concerns. Many patients attend our meetings who have been living with the disease for a long time, and they often share their experiences and personal tips for living with aspergillosis.

Why not come along and join us via the link below:

The passcode is 784131.