2023 Bronchiectasis Patient Conference
By Lauren Amphlett

The 2023 Bronchiectasis Patient Conference, organised by the European Lung Foundation, is a popular event for patients each year. This year we asked two of our patients who attended to share their personal experiences and thoughts on the conference, highlighting its importance and impact.

Our patients reported that the conference attracted 1,750 registrations from 90 countries, and during an online questionnaire, 47% of participants identified as living with bronchiectasis. Dr Fiona Mosgrove’s presentation on “Living with Bronchiectasis” provided valuable insights on lifestyle, nutrition, and mental health, recommending two books for further reading.

Prof. James Chalmers discussed a potential new treatment involving an anti-pseudomonas monoclonal antibody, demonstrated through engaging video clips. The conference also covered other topics such as Phage therapy, bronchiectasis through different life stages, and the importance of end-of-life care discussions.

Both patients found the conference to be an informative and valuable experience, despite facing some technical difficulties and unclear presentations due to those difficulties. They appreciated Dr Chalmers’ well-paced talk on new treatments, as well as Dr Mosgrove’s discussion on mental health and airway clearance techniques. One patient noted that while coexisting diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma were mentioned, there was no reference to Aspergillosis. The conference emphasised the importance of daily airway clearance, exercise, relaxation, and ongoing research for more effective treatments.

In summary, both patients found the 2023 Bronchiectasis Patient Conference to be an enriching experience, providing valuable insights and practical takeaways for managing the condition. Despite some technical issues, the conference succeeded in raising awareness and fostering a sense of community among people living with bronchiectasis.