About the NAC

 The Aspergillosis Patients and Carers website is edited and maintained by the NHS National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) CARES team.

The National Aspergillosis Centre is an NHS highly specialised commissioned service that specialises in the diagnosis and management of chronic aspergillosis, a serious infection affecting mostly the lungs caused by pathogen species of the fungus Aspergillus – mostly A. fumigatus but also several other species.

The National Aspergillosis Centre is a nationwide NHS service and we see patients from all UK countries. The CARES team (Community Awareness Research Education Support) consists of:

  • Dr Graham Atherton PhD (Team Lead) Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) and University of Manchester
  • Dr Beth Bradshaw PhD (Diagnostics & Research Lead)
  • Lauren Amphlett (Social Media Lead)
  • Chris Harris (NAC Manager)