Stay Active to Stay Young
By GAtherton

This Hippocratic Post article is aimed at the elderly and of course many of us aren’t getting any younger! We have established that any person with a pulmonary aspergillosis can play a part in maintaining lung function long term by remaining active and taking some exercise each day – 15mins of whatever exercise you can safely manage every day is a good maintenance guide but consult your doctor for specific advice.

There is also agreement that pulmonary rehabitulation may well also benefit aspergillosis patients. This is something you can request from your doctor and it is probably best if your doctor or physiotherapist assesses you before you start a course.

Inactivity leads to a rapid loss of muscle mass – not only in your arms & legs but also in the muscles that support and operate your lungs. As we age activity gets more important as we know that lack of activity has a great impact on older people and their independance. They lose their muscle mass more quickly compared with younger people but also lose their ability to control their muscles too, making them less steady on their feet for example. It is also more difficult to regain muscle mass as you get older.

The lead investigator of the study (Carlo Reggiani) points out that this study was carried out on healthy eldery people. The situation is worse for people who have an illness as it is more difficult for them to be active and the impact can be more severe.

Far better that we all pay attention to not losing too much muscle mass in the first place as we age by maintaining activity and exercise.

Submitted by GAtherton on Wed, 2018-01-10 12:23