How do I report drug side effects?
By GAtherton

Many of the drugs that aspergillosis patients take can cause side effects. Most of these will be well reported, but some may not have been identified. Here’s what to do if you are experiencing side effects.

First tell your doctor, in case you need to stop taking the medication, or so they can help you manage the side effects.
Also if you think it is a new or unreported side effect please let Graham Atherton ( at the NAC know, so that we can keep a record.

UK: In the UK, the MHRA have a Yellow Card scheme where you can report side effects and adverse incident of medications, vaccines, complementary therapies and medical devices. There is an easy online form to fill in – you do not need to do this via your doctor. If you need help with the form, reach out to someone at NAC or ask someone in the Facebook support group.

US: In the US, you can report side effects directly to the FDA via their MedWatch scheme.