NAC Feedback to Patient comments

Every patient who attends a National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) clinic (Wednesday & Friday) is sent a text to their registered phone number asking them if everything went well and giving them an opportunity to record any comments completely anonymously. This is done by sending a link to an online questionnaire.

As all patient responses to this questionnaire are anonymous we cannot respond directly to any reported problems. Instead, we will record the issue on this page and our response to it.

September 10th 2022: “First the video link did not work. Also I have symptoms which seem to be ignored and the team dogmatically keep referring to a scan of three months ago saying all is stable. On seeing my local pulmonologist he was shocked to see the deterioration and that nobody picked up on my symptoms or were interested and told me to see my GP. This was the reason for my negative scores.

NAC response: There are several technical reasons why a video call may not work. We now use a new Patient Portal and an APP called myMFT that helps us make video calls more reliably – see for instructions on how to activate and use your Patient Portal.

If you would like to discuss your case further with the NAC medical team we are always available – please contact our nurses at 0161 291 5429

December 9th 2022: Still waiting for call back.

NAC reponse: The NAC team make every effort to call everyone in our clinic lists but sometimes errors are made. Please call NAC admin 0161 291 5811 to report the problem and rearrange the consultation.