NAC CARES team charity run for the Fungal Infection Trust
By Seren Evans

The Fungal Infection Trust (FIT) provides vital support for the work of the CARES team, without which it would be much more difficult to maintain their unique work.

This year, starting on World Aspergillosis Day 2023 (1st Feb) the CARES team is paying back some of that support to FIT.

The Team (Graham/Lauren/Chris/Beth and Seren) have taken on the challenge of getting from one end of the UK to the other with only the power of our legs in 98 days. There are five in the team: two runners, a cyclist and two walkers. We would all normally cover a few km a day so together we think we can cover the 18km A DAY needed to complete this challenge without too many blisters!

With your help we would like to raise £1 a km for the whole journey, so when we are passing your part of the UK (virtually, as we can’t get 98 days off work!) please donate.

Keep an eye out for updates on our blog.

Thank You and wish us well!