COVID Precautions for the extremely vulnerable: Winter 2020
By GAtherton

UK government has today announced its strategy to protect UK citizens from COVID-19 infection and to try to reduce virus transmission rates.

Part of these new guidelines refers to the extremely vulnerable eg people who have received the most recent letter or email from advising them that they are clinical extremely vulnerable. If you didn’t receive a letter and are still concerned you should contact your doctor.

75. Under recent national measures, the clinically extremely vulnerable have been advised
to take extra precautions and stay at home as much as possible. Local Authorities
have been working to ensure the right support is available for those that need it.

76. As the national restrictions end, the guidance to the clinically extremely vulnerable
not to go to work or school will also end. The Government will reintroduce the specific
advice for clinically extremely vulnerable people on how they can protect themselves
at each tier. The Government will constantly monitor the latest evidence and the
evolving situation in local areas to keep the advice for clinically extremely vulnerable
people up to date. Support will be available for those who need it, either through
Local Authorities in tier 3 areas or NHS Volunteer Responders. Supermarket priority
delivery slots will also continue for those who have already registered. The
Government has also made free influenza vaccinations available to the household
contacts of those on the Shielded Patients List.

77. A better understanding of the factors contributing to clinical risk has informed the
clinical advice from Medical Officers that most children can be removed from the
Shielded Patient List, following a clinician-parent conversation. It has also led to the
addition of those with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and of adults with Down’s
Syndrome to the Shielded Patients List, ensuring that they are provided with the best
advice on protecting themselves.

Read the full 2020 COVID-19 Winter Plan here