Expanded NHS support available for patients in GP practices across the country
By Lauren Amphlett

Did you know that a visit to your local GP practice now comes with an added layer of healthcare support? Under the newly rolled out GP Access Recovery Plan by the NHS, your local GP practice has additional healthcare staff and services designed to provide comprehensive care right in your community.

Here’s a breakdown of the new additions:

More Hands on Deck:

Since 2019, over 31,000 extra healthcare staff have joined general practices across the nation. This means besides your GP or practice nurse, there’s now a diverse team of healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, mental health practitioners, paramedics, and physiotherapists, available to cater to your health needs.

Direct Access to Specialised Care:

When you contact your practice with a health issue, there’s a trained team ready to assess your needs and direct you to the right professional. For instance, if you have muscular pain, you’ll be booked to see a physiotherapist straight away.

No GP Referral? No Problem:

You don’t always need a GP referral to see certain healthcare specialists. Now, you can get specialist support from mental health professionals, physios, and pharmacists without having to see a GP first. This is all about getting you the right care, faster.

Digital Doorway to Your GP:

32 million people use the NHS app to book appointments or check test results. This digital tool simplifies how you reach out to your GP, making healthcare access easier.

Social Prescribing for Holistic Care:

Social prescribing link workers can help with non-medical issues, like loneliness or financial advice. They even run community-based courses to impart new skills. For instance, in Nottingham, patients were able to learn cooking skills, opening doors to new opportunities.

Knowledge is Power:

A recent survey revealed that one in three people in England are still unaware of these upgraded services at their GP practice. Spreading the word ensures that more individuals can benefit from the expanded support available.

The enhanced support at GP practices is a significant stride towards creating a robust, community-centred healthcare system. It’s all about ensuring that you receive the right care, from the right professional, at the right time.

If you want to know more, visit nhs.uk/GPservices to explore the expanded services available at your GP practice.