Do you need a Patient Information Leaflet for your medication?
By GAtherton

Patient Information leaflets (PIL) are meant to be enclosed with every pack of medication, in fact, it is a legal requirement unless all the relevant information is on the packaging. The PIL must contain all the information needed for a patient to be able to take the medication safely and effectively, so the leaflet includes details of dose, how to take the medication, side effects, and much more. It is strongly suggested that the patient read through all the information before taking the medication, especially if it is the first time that the patient has taken the enclosed drug.

Despite the law, there may be reasons why you might not have received a PIL with your latest drug. Sometimes a pack has been split by the pharmacist between more than one patient for example. If you need a PIL and you didn’t receive one you can return to your pharmacist who should be able to source one for you, and for those who have access to the internet, you can also find a PIL for all medications online.

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