Hope on the horizon: Novel antifungal treatments in development

A review published recently describes the new antifungals that are in the pipeline that offer hope for the future.

The new drugs described in the review have novel mechanisms of action to overcome resistance, and some offer new formulations providing distinct advantages over current therapies to improve safety profiles and reduce interactions. For example, Rezafungin has shown activity against ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ species and has reduced liver toxicity, better penetration and less risk of resistance.

A summary of the mechanism of action, spectrum of activity and expected benefits is provided in the paper which you can find on the ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ Website. The authors have also produced a great illustration of the new antifungals and their activity so that the remaining gaps can easily be seen. ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ species have been highlighted by the blue box.

It is very encouraging to see that several of the compounds have potent activity against ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ species and that Ibrexafungerp, a compound affecting the fungal cell wall, has activity against several ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ species and is in phase 3 clinical trials.

The potential benefits of this drug include:

  • Oral and IV formulation
  • Active against resistant strains
  • Better penetration (IAC)
  • Minimal drug-drug interactions

In addition, olorofim, VL2397 and ABA all have potent activity against ਐਸਪਰਗਿਲਸ species and are in various stages of clinical trial. All in all, there is real hope on the horizon