的 曲霉病信任 is the new patients group that aims to raise awareness of aspergillosis in the UK and throughout the world, and raise funds for the 真菌感染信托.

The Aspergillosis Trust has designed a variety of items that can help us all increase awareness  of aspergillosis. They are all branded with the Trust’s name and website address. So please use them in everyday life. Even wearing something as small as a wristband whenever you go out will help. Alternatively, please distribute the items as widely as possible. Then more people will get to hear about Aspergillosis Trust and become familiar with its logo and aims.

Donating directly to FIT

真菌感染信托 account details at the UK charity commission website

真菌感染信托 website

真菌感染信托 achievements

The Fungal Infection Trust,
PO Box 482,
Cheshire SK10 9AR
Charity Commission number 1147658


Leaving money to the 真菌感染信托 in your will is a great way of ensuring you remember our work. People often use these donations in the UK to ensure that their estate (including property, savings, investments) falls below the limit for Inheritance Tax (charged at 40% over £325 000 estate value). The result is that the Fungal Research Trust would get your money rather than the Inland Revenue.

These arrangements are best made by a solicitor who specialises in this field. Locate one 这里 (UK only) or 这里 (USA).

Many charities have very full details on what to do. One of the best is 英国癌症研究.

If you use CRUK you will just have to change their details to that of the FRT, the rest of the information applies just as well to the FRT as it does to CRUK.