Patient and carer Zoom video meeting

Every Thursday at 11am (UK time), we hold an online video call meeting open to all aspergillosis patients and carers. This means that you can meet others in the aspergillosis community, even if you live too far to travel to local meetings. The group is very friendly and open, and you are free to chat about anything!

To come along and chat with this friendly group of Aspergillus veterans:

Go to and follow the instructions – Google Chrome browser works well.
You can also dial in by phone using a local number in dozens of countries – to do this click on the link above and then ‘Join audio’ (bottom left) – you can choose from a long list of phone numbers’

We look forward to seeing you!

Sunflower lanyards: support for travelling with invisible illnesses

Travelling through airports with an invisible illness can be difficult, as it may not be obvious to others that you need extra time or assistance. The experience can be stressful and anxious for some, and it may be hard to explain your hidden symptoms. This is why several airports in the UK have implemented a scheme, so that those with invisible illnesses can order a sunflower lanyard to wear through the airport. These lanyards make the wearer more visible so that they can travel independently, but access help quickly if needed. Some supermarkets are also trialing this scheme.

To find out more about sunflower lanyards, click here

Aspergillosis Trust Fundraisers

The Aspergillosis Trust and its supporters have organised several events and ongoing fundraisers to raise money for the Fungal Infection Trust (FIT). Click on the link below to donate money, keep up to date with fundraising events or even think about organising your own!