World Aspergillosis Day 2022 (WAD2022)

Feb 1st has been World Aspergillosis Day (WAD2022) for five years, each year attempting to raise awareness of diseases caused by aspergillus (see for full details).

This year partly due to COVID restrictions the UK National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester is holding a day of short seminars online on Zoom. You can find the program below:

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10:00 – Welcome

Specialised services at the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC), Manchester

10:10 – How the National Aspergillosis Centre came to be.

Chris Harris, NAC Manager

10:25 – Who gets aspergillosis?

Caroline Baxter, NAC Clinical Lead

10:40 – How do we detect aspergillosis?

Riina Richardson, MRCM (diagnostics)

10:55 – How do we treat aspergillosis?

Chris Kosmidis, NAC Consultant

11:10 – Are antifungal drugs complicated to use?

Fiona Lynch, Specialist Pharmacist

11.25 – Getting treatment to everyone that needs it.

Liz Wilson, Out-patient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) service

11:40 – 12:10 – Helping patients live with aspergillosis.

Phil Langridge, Specialist Aspergillosis Physiotherapist & Jenny White, Aspergillosis Specialist Nurse

12:10 – Lunch Break

13:00 – Patient Stories: Living with aspergillosis

A series of stories from four patients, in which they discuss diagnosis, impact and management. Followed by a panel in which they take questions

14:00 – MFIG research in Manchester

Angela Brennan

14:30 – MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, Exeter

15:00 – European Lung Foundation

Advocating for patients, involving patients in research across Europe

15:30 – NAC CARES team

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