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This is a collection of video clips and radio programmes related to all things fungus! Ranging from patient experience stories to TED talks – have a click through to see if anything there’s anything that you might find interesting.

Fungi Exploitation - Electron Microscopes
Lynne Boddy on Fungi
The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi
Coffee Fungus Spreads into Uguanda
Nobel Prizes 2014; Gauge; Genetics and Diabetes; UK Fungus Day
Ash Dieback Fungus
The beginning of the end for Rice Blast Fungus?
Catherine survived acute invasive aspergillosis
Patient describes his experience with 3 different types of antifungal drug
Interview with patient DW with childhood asthma and ABPA
Interview with patient HM with asthma and ABPA who improved with nebulised amphotericin B
Interview long-term ABPA patient who coughed up large sputum plugs
Interview with patient with an aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis who developed azole resistance patient MD
Interview with CPA patient RW on long term antifungal treatments
Some health effects of mould exposure
Aspergillosis for Patients Meeting, Rome 2010
A patient describes his life with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
Aspergillosis & antibody testing
What is Aspergillosis? - Fungal Infections & Symptoms
Push-ups for Aspergillosis Research
ERS Vision: Take the Active Option for your Health
Clean Air and Lung Health
The Lung Health Research & Medicine Revolution
Designing Drugs to Better Help Real Lives
Nutritional Science in the Prevention & Management of COPD
ERS Vision - Personalising Respiratory Care in Europe
Translational Medicine in Respiratory Disease
Bridging the Health Divide in Europe
Stewart Armstrong: A personal account on discovering that he has aspergillosis
Open the windows Poetry & Medicine
Interview with CPA patient
David Haussler: What Can We Learn From Sequencing Our Genomes?
How to use nebulised amphotericin
What healthcare will look like in 2020: Patient communication
Meet e-Patient Dave: Take control of your illness management
Active Cycle of Breathing Technique
All day in hospital
Getting a grip on pain and the brain: Prof Lorimer Moseley
What Happens When Patients Lead the Health Team?
Prescribe Happiness to Improve Our Health
Breaking Thought Cycles Using Mindfulness
Tracking Adverse Medication Events and Drug:Drug Interactions
John Guto: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis
Jacqueline: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis
Stephen Entwistle: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis
Nasilele Simukulva: Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis
The day I got told I am going to die