The Integrated Medicine Approach

Integrated medicine (IM) is practised by a few who believe that a blend of conventional prescription based medicine works well with unconventional holistic methods. Practitioners are medical doctors first and then train further to be able to use ‘complementary’ practices such as looking for changes to diet, lifestyle, supplements and natural medicines. A conventional doctor might tend to look at symptoms in isolation and then prescribe drugs or other treatments, am IM doctor would tend to prescribe the same medicines but also treat the ‘whole’ person so would include considerations of lifestyle, need and even belief BUT the ‘extra’ treatments they offer have to be supported by at least some evidence that they can have an impact on the health of the patient. The aim is to help patients feel better and well as heal.

The patient is effectively getting the best of both worlds and although this approach isn’t offered by UK NHS and practitioners cannot train to offer this in the UK there are fairly clear parallels with the newer commitments suggested by  the UK NHS whereby patients are far more actively involved in management of their own treatment to ensure doctors are also much better listening to the patient compared with the past and also get involved with research.

The Hippocratic Post has published a short article offering some explanation about Integrated Medicine written by Dr Rajendra Sharma who runs a private practice in London.

The regulatory body promoting Integrative Medicine in the UK is  The British Society for Ecological Medicine 

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