Superbugs: The game

**International Serious Play Award Winner 2016**

Destroy deadly bacteria and keep humanity’s precious antibiotics working for as long as you can in this free, fast-paced, and addictive action game.

– Fun, intuitive, endless casual gameplay in a petri dish filled with colourful bacterial colonies.
– Stay one step ahead of the Superbugs to defend humanity against one of the biggest real-world threats we face: drug resistant infections/resistance to antibiotics.
– Kill bacteria with powerful antibiotics and watch them pop!
– Fight the rise of resistance in a game based on the biology of real bacteria.
– Research and roll out new drugs at just the right time to last as long as you can, starting from TODAY.
– Learn about antibiotic resistance and the spread of resistant Superbugs.

This story of this casual, real-time puzzle game comes straight from today’s headlines: the rise of Superbugs, resistant bacteria which can’t be killed by the drugs we rely on to fight infection. The careless use of antibiotics speeds up this process, bringing the day closer when antibiotics will no longer work and even the smallest cut or surgical operation could be deadly.

The game explains the science behind antibiotic resistance to players, and helps spread the word about the Longitude Prize, which aims to help keep our precious antibiotic drugs working for longer. Over five years, the Prize is challenging everyone, from amateur scientists to professional researchers, to invent a transformative, quick, affordable and easy-to-use test to tell you if you need antibiotics, and if possible, which ones you should use/ to rule out unnecessary uses of antibiotics. Using antibiotics when we don’t need them means they will stop working sooner, so it’s urgent we find better ways to diagnose and treat infections using just the drugs we need.

To note: Current version of the game is purposed for a UK audience.

Available for Android

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