COVID Update October 13th: Shielding

Over the last few weeks during September & October, the number of COVID cases has been rising in some areas of the UK, and this situation is accelerating in a few hotspots, so we have been instructed that some areas would be ‘locked down’ by taking additional precautions to prevent the transfer of the virus from person to person. Full instructions are as follows:

Additional instructions for people living in England who are highly vulnerable have been published. This is the group of people who received a letter from their doctor or UK government during the first wave of infections telling them Shield themselves at home as they are at increased risk of experiencing more severe symptoms if they were to become ill with COVID-19.

This document replaces all earlier documents published on Blindagem, and only applies to England. The advice is different depending on the risk level set in your local area by (Medium, High or Very High – see link above)


For people living in the UK outside of England: The UK government has updated its instructions for people living in England to help prevent infection by COVID-19.


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