Operation Superbugs

This app was made for parents and guardians of children age 0-18 years old and provides up to date information about antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria or “superbugs” have been recognized as a major public health threat by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The number of resistant bacteria is increasing and unfortunately the development of new antibiotics is limited. University of Florida Pediatric Resident Dr. Michelle Spencer, MD, with help of mentor Dr. Vini Vijayan, MD, was awarded a grant for the American Academy of Pediatric Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) to help address this important issue.

It is known that children have the highest rates of antibiotic use. 1 in 5 pediatric outpatient visits results in antibiotic prescription. Studies have shown that one of the main factors contributing to misuse is that parents are often unaware of appropriate antibiotic use. This project aims to provide parents with educational information about antibiotic use in hopes of reducing misuse and antibiotic resistance here in Alachua County.

The goals of “Operation Superbugs” include:

Increasing parental knowledge and awareness of appropriate antibiotic use and consequences of misuse
Changing attitudes and behaviors regarding antibiotics
Identify families without primary care physician and connect them to health services
This mobile app was made with you in mind. It will provide brief information about antibiotics and the importance of using these medications appropriately. We hope that you will discuss this information with your Pediatrician.

Available for iPhone

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