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What is aspergillosis?

Aspergillosis is a condition caused by the Aspergillus fungus, which can lead to respiratory issues and other complications.

What are the symptoms of aspergillosis?

Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and in severe cases, fever and chest pain.

How is aspergillosis diagnosed?

Diagnosis typically involves imaging tests, blood tests, and sometimes a biopsy to detect the presence of Aspergillus.

What treatment options are available?

Treatment may include antifungal medications, corticosteroids, and in some cases, surgery to remove infected tissue.

Can aspergillosis be prevented?

While it can’t always be prevented, reducing exposure to mold and maintaining a healthy immune system can lower the risk.

How can I manage living with aspergillosis?

Effective management includes regular medical check-ups, adhering to treatment plans, and making lifestyle adjustments to avoid triggers.

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