Monthly Patient & Carer Support Meeting Recordings

DateSpeakerTitleTime Starts
February 2020Kyle PattinsonBreathing with your brain00'00'00
February 2020Graham AthertonRecent updates on aspergillosis01:40'00
February 2020Watch the full meeting here
December 2019Chris Harris and Helen FindonChristmas Quiz00'00'00
December 2019Chris HarrisUpdates on patient involvement in conferences and World Aspergillosis Day 202001'21'00
December 2019Chris HarrisAir pollution monitoring device update01'31'00
December 2019Watch the full meeting here
November 2019Jorge AmichUnraveling the Aspergillus fumigatus - Pseudomonas aeruginosa interaction in the context of co-infection 00'00'00
November 2019Chris Harris and Graham Atherton Updates on patient involvement in conferences and World Aspergillosis Day 202001'05'00
November 2019Watch the full meeting here
October 2019Dr Caroline BaxterNeurological side effects of azole antifungals00'00'00
October 2019Chris Harris, Graham Atherton, Helen FindonRare diseases update and 'We are undefeatable' campaign
October 2019Graham Atherton Air pollution and aspergillosis01'33'30
Watch the full meeting here
September 2019Tour of Mycology Reference Centre Manchester - no recording but a video of the lab can be found here
August 2019Darren ThomsonMicroscopy imaging of fungi00'00'00
August 2019Graham Atherton Reviewing the British Lung Foundation on aspergillosis01'44'00
August 2019Graham Atherton Update on Aspergillosis Trust fundraising 01'51'00
August 2019Watch the full meeting here
July 2019Jennifer Shelton Citizen Science Meets Mycology - the potential for the development of antifungal resistance in our environment00'00'00
July 2019Graham AthertonClinical trials to test a new class of antifungal medication01'29'00
July 2019Graham AthertonIndoor air pollution 01'47'00
July 2019Graham AthertonLands End to John 'O'Groats cycle for the Aspergillosis Trust01'56'30
July 2019Watch the full meeting here
June 2019Graham Atherton Working with Rare diseases UK to improve aspergillosis (and other rare diseases) treatment00'00'00
June 2019Georgia TaylorAir pollution and sustainability01'16'00
June 2019Watch the full meeting here
May 2019Mairead HughesStress incontinence and pelvic health00'00'00
May 2019Helen Findon/Graham AthertonRare Disease UK - medic alert cards 01'30'00
May 2019Graham AthertonResearch on vaping01'40'00
May 2019Watch the full meeting here
April 2019Sara GagoGenetics and aspergillosis00'00'00
April 2019Graham Atherton Updates from the NAC communications team: Medical alert cards, latest research news01'20'00
April 2019Watch the full meeting here
March 2019Phil LangridgeSpirometry and lung function tests - what do they tell us?00'00'00secs
March 2019Helen FindonHow can we make the Patient and Carer meetings more popular?01'18'20secs
March 2019Graham AthertonUpdates from the NAC communications team:01'48'15secs
March 2019Watch the full meeting here (Facebook)
February 2019Lily Novak-FraserDetection of Antifungal Resistance
February 2019Megan Bridgeland Launch of the new Patients website
February 2019Helen FindonIntroduction to new member of the communications team
February 2019Graham AthertonWorld Aspergillosis Day activities
February 2019Entire meeting (Facebook)
January 2019Graham AthertonNew Year Quiz (postponed from Christmas)
January 2019Graham Atherton, Chris HarrisOther business: Quality of Life project update, Medical Alert Cards, Patients website, new leaflets
January 2019Entire Meeting (Facebook)
December 2018Meeting Cancelled
November 2018Findra SetianingrumThe role of Aspergillus Ig G level monitoring in CPA patients with surgery
November 2018Megan BridgelandHelp us develop the new Patients Website
November 2018Graham AthertonHelp us develop a new Quality of Life questionnaire for our aspergillosis clinics
November 2018Entire meeting
October 2018Recording & streaming failed due to hardware failure.
September 2018Graham AthertonInterferons and their use to treat aspergillosis
September 2018Beth BradshawMedical Hazard cards
September 2018Entire meeting Watch on Facebook
August 2018Graham AthertonAmazing advances in the development of new lungs from stem cells
August 2018Felix BongominDust study, heatwave notifications, Aspergillosis Trust, Red Cross, new Patients website
August 2018Entire meeting
July 2018Beth BradshawWallet/purse card, new point-of-care diagnostics, new wellness initiative
July 2018Graham AthertonDust study, heatwave notifications, Aspergillosis Trust, Red Cross, new Patients website
July 2018Entire meeting
June 2018Meeting cancelled
May 2018Beth BradshawDesigning our new wallet/purse card for patients with aspergillosis. 
May 2018Advances Against Aspergillosis: new antifungal drugs
May 2018Malcolm RichardsonWe need your dust for research - An Appeal
May 2018Chris HarrisA reminder that the new data protection laws will affect how we keep your data & how after we need to ask for your consent to use it
May 2018Entire meeting 
April 2018Rachel OrrittDiet and health.
April 2018Chris HarrisHosts a discussion on how inpatients can let is know if they are admitted to any hospital for non-fungal issues
April 2018Graham AthertonFood choices for future meetings (March, July, November)
April 2018Entire meeting
March 2018Rachel & BethWhat happened at the 8th Advances Against Aspergillosis meeting in Lisbon, Portugal
March 2018Chris HarrisHow do we address the subject/when do we start talking about  'Do Not Resusitate' with our patients?
March 2018Graham AthertonDampness and Mould Hypersensitivity Syndrome
March 2018Entire meeting
February 2018Chris, Beth, Rachel & Graham (Science & Medical Comms Team, NAC)Support & information meeting at the 8th Advances Against Aspergillosis meeting in Lisbon, Portugal
February 2018Chris HarrisHistory of the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC)
February 2018Graham AthertonPatient support resources at NAC
February 2018Beth BradshawInformation on the internet: a dual edged sword?
February 2018Rachel OrrittWorld Aspergillosis Day Launch
February 2018Entire meeting
January 2018Rachel & BethGardening, Exercise and Myth-busting
January 2018Entire meeting
December 2017Rachel & GrahamChristmas Quiz 2017
December 2017Chris HarrisChanging sample packaging
December 2017Entire meeting
November 2017Graham, Beth, Rachel & ChrisProject updates
November 2017Paul BowyerAspergillus fumigatus Knockout Project
November 2017Entire meeting
October 2017Beth & Rachel Introduction to new NAC staff
October 2017Graham AthertonMaking fungal infection self destruct!
October 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
September 2017Matt HarrisPharmacy & Antifungal Drugs
September 2017Graham AthertonFungal Awareness Week & NAC Patients Survey
September 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
August 2017Azad Aziz & Neil A new clinical trial to test a drug designed to treat ABPA & SAFS
August 2017A patients' experience of having a feeding tube fitted
August 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
July 2017Parul ChandorkarConstructing artifical airways in the laboratory
July 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
June 2017Azad AzizClinical trials at the National Aspergillosis Centre and patient involvement
June 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
May 2017Susana MarinhoAllergy to aspirin, foods and other prescription drugs0' 00' 00secs
May 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
April 2017Paschalis Vergidis ?Introduction to NAC's newest consultant0' 00' 00secs
April 2017Nigel & Pam Jay, Adam GarrowSinging for health0' 29' 30secs
April 2017Katie HolmesHidden Dangers, Mould in the home1' 01' 00secs
April 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
March 2017Nigel & Pam Jay, Adam GarrowSinging for health0' 00' 00secs
March 2017Graham AthertonLife purpose boosts health0' 43' 45secs
March 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
February 2017MSc Medical Mycology studentsMedical mycology for me and my country0' 00' 00secs
February 2017Graham AthertonHealth Smartphone APP & singing for health
February 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
January 2017Tim EntwistleImprove your diet for a healthier life: The Mediterranean diet and chronic disease0' 00' 00secs
January 2017Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
December 2016Azad AzizRequest for patients representative on research project panel0' 00' 00secs
December 2016Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz 20160' 10' 38secs
December 2016Graham AthertonNIHR Clinical Research Centre & ECMM Centre of Expertise1' 09' 39secs
December 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
November 2016Paul BowyerWhy do people get ABPA? - our latest research0' 00' 20secs
November 2016Graham AthertonChronic inflammation and mast cells0' 37' 08secs
November 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
October 2016Liz WilsonOutpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy(OPAT)0' 0' 00secs
October 2016Graham AthertonAntifungal resistance - change the pauses0' 39' 45secs
October 2016Mycotoxin slows down cilia
October 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
September 2016Ginny WallBreathworks & Mindfulness0' 0' 00secs
September 2016Graham AthertonGroup projects1' 08' 30secs
September 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
August 2016Graham AthertonStress: What it is and how to manage it0' 00' 00secs
August 2016Chris HarrisExercise and breathing1' 00' 40secs
August 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
July 2016Graham AthertonIndoor Air Quality0' 00' 00secs
July 2016Dr. Karl Heyes & Dr Alexandra BallAspergillosis and Lung Transplant: "If my lungs are that bad, why can't I just have a transplant?"0' 48' 43secs
July 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
June 2016Chris HarrisFunding new antifungals at NAC0' 00' 00secs
June 2016David DenningA summary of all of the antifungals in development0' 22' 30secs
June 2016Led by Chris HarrisEntire Meeting
May 2016Jenny RatnerPatients Involvement in Research0' 0' 00secs
May 2016Graham AthertonPatients Involvement Network & FIT are 25 0' 50' 10secs
May 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
April 2016Graham Atherton7th Advances Against Aspergillosis for Patients0' 0' 00secs
April 2016Reyenna SheehanImportance of highly effective sputum collection, and how to achieve it.0' 41' 56secs
April 2016Entire Meeting
March 2016Ritesh Agarwal MDSinusitus & ABPA0' 0' 00secs
March 2016Richard Moss MDAllergic Aspergillosis & Cystic Fibrosis0' 16' 15secs
March 2016Darius Armstrong-James FRCPNAC Satellite Clinic in London0' 32' 35secs
March 2016Stuart Levitz MDFungal Vaccines0' 47' 45secs
March 2016Jeanette BoydEuropean Lung Foundation1' 01' 05secs
March 2016Vicky BarberBritish Lung Foundation1' 17' 40secs
March 2016Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
February 2016Graham AthertonShortened Meeting0' 0' 00secs
February 2016Entire meeting
December 2015Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz0' 0' 00secs
December 2015Chris HarrisGroup Poem
December 2015Entire meeting
November 2015Chris KosmidisIntroduction to Isavuconazole: a new antifungal drug0' 0' 00secs
November 2015Graham AthertonPatients & carer discussion0' 36' 40secs
November 2015Entire meeting
October 2015Maria GamaletsouIntroduction to the background of our new medic0' 0' 00secs
October 2015Graham AthertonERS 2015 & Take the Active Option0' 26' 40secs
October 2015Entire meeting
September 2015Phil LangridgeThe variety and use of positive expiratory pressure devices to aid mucus clearance0' 0' 00secs
September 2015Graham Athertonfungi@MANCHESTER1' 11' 35secs
September 2015Entire meeting
August 2015Alan SavageHome Care, health and use of social resources in the local community0' 0' 00secs
August 2015Chris HarrisPoetry0' 52' 30secs
August 2015Graham AthertonPlanning Autumn Booklet1' 09' 35secs
August 2015Entire meeting
July 2015Gemma Hayes Aspergillosis, Asthma & ABPA: Where we are and where we are going. 0' 00' 00secs
July 2015Chris HarrisSkype consults & creative writing0' 26' 45secs
July 2015Entire meeting
June 2015Graham Atherton & Chris HarrisBiomes, Diagnostics & Travel Tips
May 2015Chris KosmidisQ & A session0' 31' 40secs
May 2015Entire meeting
April 2015Malcolm RichardsonTour of diagnostics labs
March 2015NCG CommissionerFunding meeting for NAC
February 2015Debbie Kennedy (Specialist Nurse in Aspergillosis)Antifungal drugs and their management0' 00' 00secs
February 2015Graham AthertonAntifungal Interactions, Spring booklet, London Marathon
February 2015Entire Meeting
December 2014Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz0' 00' 00secs
December 2014Entire meeting
November 2014MSc StudentsPersonal introductions to Medical Mycology in many different countries0' 00' 00secs
November 2014EvelynHer own story & why this group is worthwhile for patients0' 33' 00secs
November 2014Graham AthertonEntire meeting
October 2014Graham AthertonDiagnosing aspergillosis0' 00' 00secs
October 2014Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
September 2014Danielle YuillGiving patients & carers a VOICE 0' 00' 00secs
September 2014Chris HarrisHealthier together, CallPlus, Ring & Ride54' 15secs
September 2014Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
August 2014Chris HarrisSelf help: a letter from a patient0' 00' 00secs
August 2014William KiddDamp homes & health: Help from the Institute of Specialist Surveyors & Engineers (' 05secs
August 2014Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
July 2014Graham AthertonHeatwaves: Precautions, Antifungal drug resistance in the environment0'00'00secs
July 2014David DenningManaging our deaths better0' 37' 30secs
July 2014Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
June 2014Chris KosmidisSide effects of long term steroid use0' 00' 00secs
June 2014Graham AthertonOpen the windows: A poetry and music awareness event27'20secs
June 2014Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
May 2014Paul BowyerLatest NAC research results: ABPA0' 00' 00secs
May 2014Chris HarrisTravel Tips0' 51' 30secs
May 2014Graham Atherton Several topics including discussions on defective sunblocks, recent developments in diagnostics & treatment and beginning a discussion on end of life planning for chronic respiratory patients.0' 36' 43secs
May 2014Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
April 2014Graham AthertonOffline community building (Newsletter) 0' 00' 00secs
April 2014Chris Harris5th Anniversary of the National Aspergillosis Centre0' 34' 50secs
April 2014Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
March 2014Graham AthertonOffline community building0' 00' 00secs
February 2014Graham AthertonBuilding offline community (Entire meeting)0' 00' 00secs
January 2014Graham AthertonNew antifungal drug class reported0' 00' 00secs
January 2014Pippa NewtonWhat is Pseudomonas?0' 31' 15secs
January 2014Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
December 2013Led by Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz 2013
November 2013Caroline HawkridgeUsing Creative Projects to enhance awareness0' 00' 00secs
November 2013Graham AthertonHow antifungal drugs work0' 40' 59secs
November 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
October 2013Danielle YuillGiving patients a VOICE project (Patients helping in research at NAC)0 00' 00''secs
October 2013Graham AthertonInterpreting chest X-rays0 51' 22''secs
October 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
September 2013Eavan MuldoonComparing parts of UK & US Healthcare systems0' 00' 00secs
September 2013Graham AthertonIgG - summary for the layperson0' 29' 14secs
September 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
August 2013David DenningManagement of Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis0' 00' 00secs
August 2013Graham AthertonIgE summary for the layperson0' 55' 43secs
August 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
July 2013Julia HamerNHS New Structure and NAC0' 00' 00secs
July 2013Graham AthertonHeatwaves0' 40' 00secs
July 2013Graham AthertonSide effects of medications0' 55' 55secs
July 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
June 2013Steve WebsterCaring for Carers0' 00' 00secs
June 2013Graham AthertonDamp Homes & Health0' 35' 53secs
June 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
May 2013Phil LangridgeManaging Breathlessness0' 00' 00secs
May 2013Alison WeardenPsychology: Stress and aspergillosis0' 31' 56secs
May 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
April 2013Mike BromleyNew antifungal drugs0' 00' 00secs
April 2013Iain PageTB & Aspergillosis in Gulu, Africa0' 38' 54secs
April 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
March 2013Caroline HawkridgeCreative writing projects
March 2013Riina RichardsonHow to avoid exposure to moulds0' 30secs
March 2013Phil LangridgeStaying strong in hospital28' 19secs
March 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
March 2013 Includes Allergy free gardening1' 22' 39secs
February 2013Dr. Khaled Al-shairMaintaining or Improving your health status in CP
January 2013Debbie KennedyOral Antifungals and TDM00' 03' 41secs
January 2013Khaled Al-shairMeasuring health status in Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis: Lessons we have learnt00' 28' 30secs
January 2013Reyenna SheehanHow to use your inhaler00' 49' 01secs
January 2013Graham AthertonSocial support01' 15' 42secs
January 2013Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
December 2012Led by Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz
November 2012Libby RadcliffeAches and pains00' 01' 16secs
November 2012Malcolm RichardsonEveryday moulds00' 52' 41secs
November 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
October 2012Paul BowyerAspergillus research - What's new00' 01' 39secs
October 2012Phil LangridgeNebulisers - What we use and why00' 29' 04secs
October 2012Chris HarrisHealthcare at Home00' 52' 57secs
October 2012Graham AthertonFuture meetings01' 11' 55secs
October 2012David DenningQ & A01' 19' 00secs
October 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
September 2012Graham AthertonLatest Advances - Aspergillosis00' 01' 21secs
August 2012Jacky SmithTackling cough00' 01' 11secs
August 2012Graham AthertonStudent Competitions00' 58' 45secs
August 2012Graham AthertonMeeting announcements01' 04' 23secs
August 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
July 2012Cheryl PearseHow to give up smoking at UHSM0' 00' 00secs
June 2012Caroline HawkridgeCreative Writing00' 00' 00secs
May 2012Malcolm RichardsonThe life and times of Aspergillus in the home00' 00' 00secs
May 2012Paul BowyerAspergillus research - What's coming next?00' 00' 00secs
May 2012Tim FeltonTreatment options for Aspergillus00' 00' 00secs
May 2012Graham AthertonIntroduction and future00' 00' 30secs
May 2012Livingstone ChishimbaPatient meeting - Q & A00' 15' 54secs
May 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
April 2012William KiddAtmospheric dampness and ventilation00' 00' 52secs
April 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
March 2012Marie KirwanResearch on refining diagnostic techniques for airway samples.00' 00' 00secs
March 2012Graham AthertonFuture and feedback00' 53' 25secs
March 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
February 2012Khaled Al-shairQuality of Life assessment00' 02' 21secs
February 2012Graham AthertonOur immune system01' 12' 00secs
February 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
January 2012Ann HaylettProtecting the photosensitive patient from the sun00' 02' 58secs
January 2012Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
January 2012Includes Vox-Pop recording information, alternative medications information and information on dietary supplements.01' 05' 11secs
December 2011Led by Graham AthertonChristmas Quiz00' 06' 43secs
November 2011Livingstone ChishimbaPatient meeting - Q & A00' 03' 26secs
November 2011Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
November 2011Includes the Himalayan Challenge01' 25' 40secs
October 2011Ray AshleighEmbolisation00' 00' 57secs
October 2011Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
October 2011Includes discussion of future meetings01' 00' 08secs
September 2011Debbie KennedyRespiratory Nurses of the Year Awards00' 00' 00secs
September 2011Derek StewartHow to make a difference00' 00' 00secs
September 2011Graham AthertonAn introduction to Genetics
September 2011Led by Graham AthertonEntire Meeting
August 2011Nicola SmithGenetic Susceptibility to Aspergillosis
July 2011Sue HowardAspergillus resistance - It's on the increase00' 01' 43secs
July 2011Led by Graham AthertonEntire meeting
July 2011Includes report on Fungal Research Trust Anniversary meeting and feedback with various projects.01' 08' 40secs
June 2011Sue HowardAspergillus resistance - It's on the increase
June 2011Astrid LeckFungal infections of the eye
June 2011Geoff ScottThe History and future of the Fungal research Trust
June 2011David DenningDevelopment of new antifungal drugs & combination therapy
June 2011David Denning [led by Graham Atherton]ABPA and SAFS00' 00' 13secs
June 2011Graham AthertonOutreach Meeting - Welcome and Introduction
June 2011Nigel ClaytonLung Function
May 2011Caroline PowellExpert patient programme
April 2011Nichola DuddyWhat happens to my sample?00' 01' 06secs
April 2011Caroline MooreAntifungal drugs - Are you getting enough?00' 00' 10secs
March 2011Jane MabeyComputers: what role do they have in Aspergillus research?
February 2011Graham AthertonQuality of Life Assessment and Clinical Relevance
February 2011Includes ABPA & SAFS Project
November 2010Debbie KennedyA Clinic Visit
October 2010Graham AthertonNAC Patient support - Edinburgh
October 2010Graham AthertonAspergillosis Patients Meeting - Edinburgh Introduction
October 2010Liz SmithTribute to Steph Smith