Living with aspergillosis

Chronic illnesses, such as aspergillosis, can be both physically and mentally demanding. We have compiled information on lifestyle and coping skills which may be useful:

Information Leaflets

Detailed information on topics important for those living with aspergillosis.

Smartphone apps

A number of smartphone apps that may be useful; from those that will help with daily life with aspergillosis, to informative games about antibiotic resistance.

Lifestyle and Coping skills

Lifestyle tips and strategies to help you cope with a chronic and little-known illness:

Damp Homes

In this section on Damp Homes, we go through the particular health hazards that damp and mouldy conditions can cause, and how to prevent damp in your home:

Keeping well

Information on many problems that aspergillosis sufferers may encounter, and tips on how to manage/avoid these, in order to keep well.

A-Z of Aspergillosis

The Aspergillosis Trust has compiled an A-Z of everything you might need to know if you have a diagnosis of aspergillosis. Written by patients for patients, this list has lots of useful tips and information for living with the disease:

How do I …?

 practical advice shared in our support groups by other aspergillosis sufferers who have been there.