How do I… keep track of my medication?

Aspergillosis patients can end up having to take several different medications at various times of the day. Here are some of our tips for organising your medication so you don’t forget to take them.

When to take them: Set an alarm to remind yourself to take your medication when you need to.
Keep a list of your current medications (including dosages and when you take them) and any supplements in your wallet or handbag.

Have I taken them?: If you struggle to remember whether or not you have taken your medication, try using a pill organiser. Some have up to 4 compartments per day, or let you take out a single day’s medication to pop into your bag if you’re going out.
You can get lovely discreet non-medical designs on Etsy or Amazon, a box with an alarm, or even a monthly organiser. One of our patients recommended this pill box with an alarm and visual queue to remind you – very useful for anyone with difficulties remembering to take their medication.
If your pills come in blister packs, do not remove them from their packaging! Instead cut around each pill with scissors, leaving it sealed and fresh, and put these into an organiser.

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