How do I… find a support group?

Are you an Aspergillosis patient or a carer wanting to get in contact with others affected by the condition? We have various groups, face-to-face and online, available for you to share tips, ask questions and find support.

Facebook Support Groups: There are 2 patient support groups on Facebook, a public group and a private group. This is an easy way for patients from around the world to contact each other, ask questions and give advice.

Local Support groups: There are a number of support groups that meet in various locations around the UK. To find out more, phone 0161 291 5866 or visit our support group page. All groups also have a Facebook page, which you will be able to find by searching for ‘aspergillus’ on Facebook.
If there isn’t a group in your area, but you would like to set one up, email or phone 0161 291 5866.

Monthly Aspergillosis Patients and Carers meeting: On the first Friday of every month we hold a Patient and Carers support meeting in the National Aspergillosis Centre, Manchester, UK. The meeting is an opportunity for patients to get in contact with each other and learn more about the research being undertaken in the centre. For more information, visit our patient and carers’ meeting page.
If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you can watch it live and join the online discussion on the public Aspergillosis support Facebook group. If watching from another country, don’t forget to take into account the time difference! You can also watch recordings of past meetings here.

Weekly Aspergillosis community online chat: At 11:00am (UK time) each Thursday, there is an online video call using Zoom. Join in for a friendly chat with a group of Aspergillosis patients and carers.
Go to to sign up for a free account. You might have to download an APP or software in order to join us. Alternatively, send your email to and we will invite you.

Fungal Infection Trust: The Fungal Infection Trust is a charity based in the UK, which supports the Aspergillus website. If you become a member you can post questions about Aspergillosis, or other fungal infections, for others to answer.F

There is also a Yahoo groups Aspergillosis Support Group, that you can join to get in contact with others

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