Herbal Supplements & Drug:Drug interactions with Antifungal Medication

There are a range of herbal supplements, available on the High Street and online, which claim to benefit the health of people with a wide range of medical conditions. This graphic illustrates their limitations nicely


Certain herbal extracts have also demonstrated promising antifungal activity. In this study, thyme oil and clove extract were shown to inhibit the growth of multi drug resistant Aspergillus and Candida strains, isolated from middle ear infections. As these extracts generally cause fewer side effects than synthetically produced antifungals, they show potential as future treatments for Aspergillus infections (NB. Never ingest or put essential oils or herbal extracts inside your ear canal).

There is an additional problem, as some supplements can interfere with the prescription medications that you might be taking — especially antifungal medications.

Pharmacist Sandra Hicks has prepared a collection of documents that collate and describe any drug:drug interactions that are known to occur between supplements and all current systemic antifungal medication.

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