Beautiful Cure: Harnessing your body’s natural defences

We think that people who have chronic aspergillosis may have slight differences in their immune system compared with people who do not seem to be vulnerable to aspergillosis. One way we might be able to help patients fight off aspergillosis may well be to find ways to adjust or even correct the immune differences that cause those vulnerabilities and this book talks about our increasing knowledge and power to do just that in many other diseases. The same techniques may be used to help people with respiratory illness’ such as aspergillosis – indeed they already are as anyone who is being given Xolair to treat ABPA has found out.

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Stay Active to Stay Young

This Hippocratic Post article is aimed at the elderly and of course many of us aren’t getting any younger! We have established that any person with a pulmonary aspergillosis can play a part in maintaining lung function long term by remaining active and taking some exercise each day – 15mins of whatever exercise you can safely manage every day is a good maintenance guide but consult your doctor for specific advice.

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