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A new diagnosis of aspergillosis can make you feel scared and isolated. You probably have many questions and not enough time with your consultant to have them all answered. As time goes on you might find it comforting to talk to other patients who ‘get it’ rather than just relying on partners, friends and family.

We organise peer support groups in different formats to suit people with different needs:

Weekly Zoom meetings

We host a weekly video phone call with around 4-8 patients and a member of NAC staff each week. You can use a computer/laptop or phone/tablet to join the video call. This meeting runs from 10:00-11:00 GMT every Thursday (UHT+1 in the summer). However, during the COVID-19 pandemic this meeting is running daily. Join us!

To receive a text reminder when each meeting is approaching send us your mobile phone number (NB this doesn’t operate in the US) to

Patient and Carer Blog

An area for patients and carers to submit blog posts and interact with others in the aspergillosis community.

Facebook Groups

Our Aspergillosis Support Facebook Group has over 2000 members and is a safe place to meet and talk to other people with aspergillosis.
We also have a Facebook group for carers, friends and family of someone who is affected by the disease – join here
To find our regional and international groups, search for ‘aspergillosis’ in Facebook.

Patient Stories

A collection of stories, mainly told by patients themselves or their carers. 

Support for Carers

Help and advice for carers of aspergillosis patients.

FIT Q & A Forum

A Q&A forum for patients to ask questions and interact with each other.

UK Disability Benefits Entitlement

Information and advice on UK disability benefits entitlements.

NAC Patient and Carer Meeting

Information about the monthly NAC Patient and Carer meeting.

Local Support Meetings

Information about local support meetings around the UK, and in other countries.

End of Life

Support and advice on making end of life plans.