Ho do I… cope at Christmas?

Christmas can be a wonderful and exciting time of the year, filled with festivities and celebrations. However, it can also be a difficult period for those living with chronic illnesses; here are some of our suggestions for having the most relaxing and fulfilling Christmas possible.

Christmas tree: Get an artificial tree – real ones start to shed spores after only a week!

Shopping and gifts: Do Christmas shopping online to avoid germs and dirt in crowded shopping centres.
Re-gift scented candles and perfumes – the fragrances and fine soot they give off are especially bad for sensitive lungs.

Preventing further illness: Get the flu jab!. There are many illnesses going around at this time of the year, so ensure that you take every precaution possible to try and avoid spending the holidays with a bug.
Make sure your friends and family are aware of aspergillosis and how it affects you. Spending time with loved ones is usually a major part of the season, but they may not understand any physical limitations you might have, or the potential consequences of visiting you while ill.

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