Citizen Science – we need your help!

As part of her PhD project, titled “Environmental drivers of azole-resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus and its relevance to human health”, Jennifer Shelton is conducting a UK-wide survey to determine background levels of Aspergillus fumigatus spores, and then testing them for resistance to azole fungicide drugs. To find out more about her project, have a read of her blog.

So far she’s run 3 citizen science projects, asking for volunteers around the country to sample the air in their area for A. fumigatus spores. The equipment is posted to volunteers, and all they need to do is leave air samplers sticky-side-up on a ground floor windowsill in two different locations, and then post them back to her along with a completed questionnaire.

Her 4th project, ‘Spring Equinox 2019’ will be taking place on 20th March 2019, and once again she’s recruiting volunteers from throughout the UK to sample the air in their areas. If you’d like to be involved, send Jennifer your details via this form. She’s particularly interested in people who are able to fill in any of the gaps on the map below:

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