Fight Pain with Food

8 Foods that Fight Pain: Cherries

Originally published in the Hippocratic Post written by Salma Khan, this article suggests several foods that might help with pain suppression. There is some evidence that all of these foods have some inflammation & pain relieving properties but of course just as for medication taken in pills and capsules, dose is important and the amount you might get from any of these foods is probably quite variable. If you are going to try these food to relieve chronic pain it would be best to have your prescription medication close to hand to use if needed.

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Allergies that start in adulthood

Article originally written for the Hippocratic Post

Dr Adrian Morris is an allergy specialist and he explains why we think adults suddenly become allergic to pollen or foods or mites long after most people become allergic as children and the risk increases with increasing age. The outcome can be asthma, eczema or food allergies.

When we are a child and growing up our immune systems are rapidly developing and reacting to our environment so perhaps it is not too surprising when that is the time of our lives most of us acquire allergies & asthma, often after prolonged or repeated exposure to a particular allergen. Once our immune systems mature though this is clearly a much less common phenomenon affecting around 4 in 1000 adults who get asthma as adults.

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Telemedicine in Health Care

The use of videophone communications over the internet has long been available free of charge using one of the many difference video software packages e.g. Skype. Here at the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) we have been using Skype for communicating with our patients for some time, but only in very limited numbers. It is useful for those who live a long way away and who our doctors consider are appropriate. Of course there are also issues of availability and technical expertise to consider too – not to mention privacy if the patient lives in a busy home with few quiet rooms.

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