British Heart Foundation – 10 minute living room workout

We know that 10-15 mins exercise every day is important to maintain lung health – it really can stop your lungs deteriorating if you have a chronic lung infection as it exercises your lungs, ribcage muscles and diaphragm. The British Heart Foundation have published this short video to help with a gentle 10 min workout you can do in your living room. If in doubt consult your doctor before starting.

Submitted by GAtherton on Mon, 2017-01-30 17:11

Prescribe Happiness to Improve Our Health

At 37 years old, physician, public health advocate, entrepreneur and grassroots organizer Vivek Murthy is one of the youngest U.S. Surgeon Generals in our nation’s history, and the first one of Indian descent. Prior to his confirmation, he was a physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a Hospitalist Attending and Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He was President and cofounder of Doctors for America, a national grassroots organization of 15,000 medical students and physicians advocating for high-quality and equitable health care.

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