Stay Active to Stay Young

This recent Hippocratic Post article is aimed at the elderly and of course many of us aren’t getting any younger! We have established that any person with a pulmonary aspergillosis can play a part in maintaining lung function long term by remaining active and taking some exercise each day – 15mins of whatever exercise you can safely manage every day is a good maintenance guide but consult your doctor for specific advice.

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Caring for our Carers

In a speech at the Annual Marie Curie Palliative Care Conference 2017 Professor Gunn Grande will talk about better ways that clinicians and healthcare professionals can better care for their patients by engaging with the people who have the most input into the patients care and daily life: the carer(s). There are many obstacles to better communication with carers, not the least being that many people are in a carer role and yet do not think of themselves as carers, identifying a child, a wife, a husband.

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Yoga Can Help Asthmatics

Julia White has published a thought provoking article on her experience of getting her asthma under control with the help of yoga. After several months works she was able to sense an asthma attack coming on and use yoga to relax and calm herself.

“I aim to practise yoga every day as I know just five minutes of yogic breathing and three or four postures will make me feel more energised and relaxed. All I need to do is find a quiet space, roll out my yoga mat and let the movements and deep breathing techniques work my mind and body.”

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Fight Pain with Food

8 Foods that Fight Pain: Cherries

Originally published in the Hippocratic Post written by Salma Khan, this article suggests several foods that might help with pain suppression. There is some evidence that all of these foods have some inflammation & pain relieving properties but of course just as for medication taken in pills and capsules, dose is important and the amount you might get from any of these foods is probably quite variable. If you are going to try these food to relieve chronic pain it would be best to have your prescription medication close to hand to use if needed.

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