How do I… buy a nebuliser?

Nebulisers are used for taking liquid medication or loosening and clearing mucus. There are many different types of nebuliser and they can be expensive, so here are some of our tips for choosing one.

If your doctor recommends that you use nebulised medication your care team may be able to arrange for you to borrow a nebuliser without charge from the hospital, and show you how to use it. However, if this is not possible then you may have to buy your own.
It is important to clean the nebuliser in warm soapy water every day, and replace masks and tubing every 3 months.
Use a mouthpiece (not a face mask) for steroids or anticholinergics.

Jet nebulisers (e.g. PhilipsI-neb or OmronMicroAIR – both pictured above) use compressed gas to atomise medication or saline, and are suitable for sticky medications.

Ultrasonic nebulisers use a rapidly vibrating crystal, and are suitable for medication or saline (but are more expensive).

Read this article by Prescribing in Practice for more technical detail and ask our Facebook group for recommendations.

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