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girl smiling in field with thumbs up - this is the keeping well section of the website

Aspergillosis is a complex condition and it can be difficult to know how to stay as healthy as possible, while managing your illness. The most important parts of your treatment are the medication and recommendations that your doctor and care team give you, and these cannot safely be replaced by treatments or supplements bought online. However, our support groups are also packed with lively discussions about what patients can do alongside their treatment to avoid sources of Aspergillus spores, ease symptoms, and get the most out of life.

The patient themselves can contribute to the management of their own illness. Those with allergic forms of the disease will know that avoiding the source of Aspergillus spores is important; these can be found in some very unexpected places (eg. the pillows on your bed can be a prime source of fungal spores). In the Keeping Well section of this website we have gathered information on many problems that aspergillosis sufferers may encounter, and tips on how to manage/avoid these.