Bacteria Battle

Look alive, soldier !!! The body is under attack !!! Cystic fibrosis is affecting the lungs making it hard to breathe !!! As a soldier in the antibiotic army, your mission is to hunt down bacteria and destroy them before they cause too much trouble. Slash, run and jump to destroy those pesky bacteria !!!

This game was developed by Augusta University Instructional Design and Development and the students of the Chukker Creek A-Plus Lego League Team with the purpose of educating the public about cystic fibrosis, a disease about 70,000 people worldwide.

• Race through the lungs and slice bacteria but don’t hit the oxygen bubbles.
• Explore the pancreas and jump to crush bacteria and avoid enzymes.
• Learn how cystic fibrosis affects the body

Available for Android and iPhone

Click here to download for iPhone

Click here to download for Android