Stay Active to Stay Young

This Hippocratic Post article is aimed at the elderly and of course many of us aren’t getting any younger! We have established that any person with a pulmonary aspergillosis can play a part in maintaining lung function long term by remaining active and taking some exercise each day – 15mins of whatever exercise you can safely manage every day is a good maintenance guide but consult your doctor for specific advice.

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Helping People Who Are Socially Isolated Using a Robot

A ground-breaking study at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London is trialling the impact that artificial intelligence paired with robot technology can have on patients. Although there is much refinement still to do Dr. Marcela P. Vizcaychipi and Dr Yiannis Demiris have managed to demonstrate that there are real possibilities for such a robot to provide some social contact to people who are isolated and also to help with their treatment in a limited way – reminding patients to carry out exercises and demonstrate the required movements being one way. 

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