Medicinal herbs and supplements are promoted as natural ways of boosting health, and have become very popular in recent years. However, just because something is natural, does not necessarily mean that it is good for you. The key thing to remember if you want to stay as healthy as possible is to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Recent law in Europe requires companies marketing these products to prove that what they are claiming for these products is the truth and is backed up by scientific evidence (regulation of these products varies across other parts of the world). This also means that these products must conform to similar regulations that apply to conventional drugs i.e. the sort prescribed by your doctor – they must be of high quality, consistency and safety. Unfortunately many unregulated products from outside of the EU are still available to purchase using the internet!

If you experience an adverse effect from a herbal medication you should report it, using the Yellow Card Scheme (or equivalent), to help advise others about what you have experienced.

There are a huge range of herbs and supplements available without prescription in the EU and USA and throughout the world.

Click here for a graphical representation of several supplements and their use in promoting health

The graphical representation in the link above provides useful information on which herbs & supplements are of any proven use for a given purpose, condition or illness. It provides a representation of which supplements & herbs have had reliable scientific research carried out to provide evidence that they work for the purpose intended.

The higher up a bubble is, the stronger the scientific evidence there is to support its use FOR THE PURPOSE MENTIONED IN THE BUBBLE. There may be more than one bubble per supplement if a supplement is used for more than one purpose.

Bubbles placed above the ‘Worth it’ line are thought to contain supplements that are strongly indicated to be useful for the purpose mentioned

– Roll your pointer over the bubble to activate it!

This information is provided to us by the group who run the website at and we believe it is a fair representation of the literature available on May 2019. The Aspergillosis Website is not responsible for the information provided by this company.