Film: Faces From The ICU

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) has produced this very moving short film. Faces From The ICU features patients, family members and staff talking about their experiences of the ICU, going beyond the scientific facts and figures to tell human stories from several different perspectives. To watch the video, find out more about what the ESICM does, or to share your own experiences, visit their site.

Patients & Carers Support Meeting – March 2013



Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
Mar-13 Riina Richardson How to avoid exposure to moulds 0′ 30secs
Mar-13 Phil Langridge Staying strong in hospital 28′ 19secs
Mar-13 Led by Graham Atherton Entire meeting 1′ 32′ 53secs
 Includes Allergy free gardening 1′ 22′ 39secs
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