Travelling with an illness such as aspergillosis can take some extra planning, but we have compiled some links below to information that you might find very useful. We also have some tips from our patient Facebook support groups for coping on holiday.

Travel within the EU: EU and Swiss nationals should ensure that they have a European Health Insurance Card (sometimes free of charge and available online).

Travel Insurance: Several groups provide insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

Flying with oxygen: This can be far from easy as each airline has a different policy. None allow the carrying of charged oxygen cylinders so either supply their own or allow the carrying of a portable ‘concentrator’.

Policies of all airlines on carrying oxygen (From British Lung Foundation)

Flying with Medical Conditions (UK)

Flying with Disability (UK based but advice given for everyone)

British Thoracic Society leaflet on flying when you have a lung disease, especially useful if you need to take oxygen.

Portable Oxygen (USA)

Travelling with Oxygen (USA)

National Home Oxygen Patients Association (USA)

British Lung Foundation (UK)